An intensive one-day workshop for startups

Landing corporate deals

Selling to large businesses is already challenging: selling technology adds an additional layer of complexity.
B2B technology startups need to deal with a range of stakeholders, address perceived risk, and be ready to address incumbents and competitors.
On the flip side, corporate clients are a game-changer, with larger budgets and higher potential sales revenue, while demonstrating market proof and supporting future growth. 
In this one-day intensive workshop we share strategies, resources, and tips for finding, engaging and selling B2B technology to corporate decision makers.  

Thursday February 22nd, 9am-5pm
CIC Cambridge, Massachusetts

Topics covered :
- Mapping out your sales process 
- Finding and engaging corporate decision makers
- How to handle incumbents and competition
- Demonstrating value to decision makers
- Product demos
- Forecasting and sales numbers
- Addressing risk concerns
- Proof of concepts and trials
- RFIs and RFPs
- Selling to committees
- Talking implementation plans and goals

Coffee, tea, snacks and working lunch provided. 


I'm an entrepreneur and sales trainer that works and lives between the UK (London) and USA (Boston). I've worked with technology companies for twenty years from startups to enterprise B2B companies such as Dell, IBM, and Oracle. 

I help technology companies of all sizes to increase the pace and reach of their sales. I help them understand, document and systematize their sales process with sales resources including sales maps, sales audits, competitive playbooks and sales playbooks.