Workshop review: Groundwork New Bedford

By January 24, 2017Events, New Bedford
groundwork new bedford

This week I had the pleasure of holding our first ‘Increase Sales (Fast) as a Startup’ workshop at Groundwork New Bedford. We’ve been regularly holding these content-rich workshops in London, New York, Austin and Boston – and we’re always keen to meet new startups and to share our views of how small to medium businesses can increase their focus on revenue generation.

A few things really struck me at this workshop. First, Groundwork’s space is amazing: open, collaborative, with a well-designed working space and well-equipped meeting rooms . This is the result of the inspiration, insight and persistence of its founders: Sarah Athanas and Dena Haden. Second, the level of interaction at the workshop was really high – each of our workshops are about discussing, asking and exchanging but at this workshop there was a great level of sharing how to work with the broader community, to access government and non-governmental organizations.  It was an incredibly collaborative workshop and I’d like to thank each attendee who made it so.

Considering New Bedford for an event?  I can’t recommend Groundwork highly enough.

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