Using the phone in B2B sales

Using the phone B2B sales

Be honest: are you resistant to using the phone in B2B sales?

I had an interesting meeting with an entrepreneur whose business sells to large corporations. The founder told me they needed more sales but: “we can’t use the phone in sales.”

Most people who know me, personally and professionally, know that I love the phone. So, I’m intrigued to hear why people don’t want to use the phone in their business and try to understand their perspective.

I discovered several interesting points from this discussion:

  • The main pushback around using the phone in sales was that “we can’t reach the people we need to speak to” — yet the company hadn’t picked up a phone more than six times in six months to get in touch with corporate prospects
  • No one was responsible for outbound phone-related sales
  • The company’s sales process isn’t documented
  • There were no written outlines, prompts or scripts for anyone to use with the phone
  • There was a distraction of “we don’t know who to call”
  • The team had decided that the phone wasn’t relevant for them because it wasn’t relevant to reach decision makers in corporations or for B2B sales (which I vehemently disagree with)

First, you aren’t going to pick up the phone twice and instantly get traction with B2B prospects. There has to be persistence. But before there’s persistence, there must be a plan and you have to spend time preparing. But I will say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the phone is incredibly useful when you are approaching, engaging or selling to B2B clients.

But you do need to know some things:

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