Tip: Stop thinking you don’t have anyone to ask for references

By February 28, 2017Sales
asking for references

In a previous post, we gave our tip on overcoming personal discomfort and resistance when asking for references.  Asking for customer references can lead to gaining social proof and real-world examples of your work and results you deliver. However, like personal resistance, there are other hesitations business owners and entrepreneurs have when it comes to asking for references.

Here is the second of our five tips to help you take action if you’re hesitant when asking for references. Click here to download all five tips in our ‘Stop Reference Resistance’ worksheet.

Tip #2 – Stop thinking you don’t have anyone you can approach for references

If you have a new or early-stage business, you may think that you can’t ask for references because you don’t have any customers to ask. But there is nothing stopping you from asking people who have worked with you, previous employers, ex-colleagues – even people that know you and trust you.

Whether you have an established or new business, list seven contacts that you can approach now for references. Consider ex-customers, previous colleagues, existing or past business partners, professional contacts that haven’t worked with you but are aware of how you work, or friends that know you and your work-related characteristics.

  1. _________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________
  6. _________________________________________
  7. _________________________________________

Note: Think you don’t know anyone?  A 2013 study by Columbia University found that the average American knows 600 people!

Asking for references reinforces the position of strength and expertise you come from and helps improve sales. Once you start asking, it will also reframe your perception and help you gather momentum to use references and referrals to grow your business.

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