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boston startup bottom line

In this edition of  ‘Innovation Nation’ interviews with startups, innovators and people who inspire us, we caught up with Jennifer Adler. 

Jennifer is the Director of Marketing and Communications of Bottom Line and we asked her about why Boston is a great innovative community for startups and nonprofits organizations. 

Tell us a bit about your organization:

Bottom Line is a nonprofit organization that was one of the earliest college-advising organizations to focus on college graduation for low-income, first-generation students. It was founded in 1997 to support 25 Bostonian high school seniors — today we serve 6,200 students across Massachusetts, New York, and Chicago.

Our mission is to work with students so they can get into college, graduate, and go far in life. Our graduation rates are best-in-class and eliminate the gap between low-income students and their wealthier peers.

To date, more than 1,300 students have earned their bachelor’s degrees with the aid of our program and by 2020 there will be 4,800 Bottom Line graduates.

What’s the best thing about working in Boston?

Our national headquarters was established in Boston in 1997 and we moved to the CIC Innovation Center Boston a few years ago. We have offices located in Jamaica Plain and Worcester at which students and their families can meet for workshops, community conversations, and counseling. Boston has a great need for one-on-one college advising, and we are committed to serving as many low-income, first-generation students in and around greater Boston as we can.

How would you describe the Boston innovation community?  Do you have any recommendations for someone new to the community?

There is so much innovation happening in and around greater Boston. The abundance of universities, the industrial and the business spirit, combined with the passion and diversity of the city creates an ideal space for launching new ideas, finding collaborators, and garnering support.

What kind of partners have you found in Boston?

We are currently partners with the State Street Foundation through its Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINs) initiative, which is dedicated to strengthening Boston’s future workforce. Through this collaboration, we’ve expanded our reach so more Boston youth can receive key services to prepare them for college and career success – and to cultivate the next generation of Bostonian innovators!

Bottom Line is also proud to be a Support Partner of Success Boston, a partnership between the Boston Foundation, the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools, 37 area institutions of higher education, and local nonprofit partners (including Bottom Line) that pairs Boston Public School graduates with a coach as they begin college.

What do you personally love about Boston (could be related to travel, leisure, sports, food)

Its passion and culture. There are innumerable opportunities to engage with arts and cultural events. Our museums are great and our attachment to —and expression of— local history is impressive. Everything can be a source of inspiration for new ideas and interesting collaborations. There are also some really great vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants.

What challenges (if any) are there about having a business based in Boston?

The weather. 😉 Just kidding.

How can anyone reading this get involved with Bottom Line?

There are so many ways that local individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses can get involved – they can donate, sponsor students, volunteer, host events, support our fundraising, or connect us with their company. At the company level, you can employ an intern, sponsor events, contribute to our auctions – the full list is here and we really appreciate how engaging the community is. Please get in touch to find out more.

For more information on Bottom Line and how you can get involved and engage with their community of students please visit its website , Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at @BottomLineMA or @BottomLineOrg or check out the team’s Youtube channel for the latest videos on empowering the next generation.


boston startup bottom line

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