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By April 17, 2017Sales
find sales time

Yes, I know lumping, chunking and blocking sound like wrestling moves, but bear with me.

At Prompt, we work with entrepreneurs that want to increase their sales revenue. We hear the “time excuse” a great deal and many entrepreneurs who work with us start by telling us they simply don’t have any time to focus on sales.

Plenty of “busy work” can get in the way of sales: the running of a company and everything it throws at an entrepreneur; organizing teams; marketing activities; handling contracts; working on product development; paying bills; filing taxes – there can be a seemingly endless to-do list .  It’s incredibly easy to be distracted. In truth, many business owners find it easy to avoid time to do sales as the time is never really “there” to begin with.

By “there,” I mean scheduled.

Saying you need to spend more time dedicated to sales and purposefully lumping, chunking or blocking time in your day are two very different things. There is a power behind using Outlook, a Google Calendar, a written calendar or any other means to set aside that time for sales efforts. And by sales efforts, I mean deliberate activities – getting in contact with people to let them know what you’re doing; picking up the phone; spending time asking people to work with you.

Lumping, chunking or blocking time is a practice that indicates you’ve taken control of your time and made a commitment. The intention to get it done — especially with a task like sales, which many approach with trepidation — is just not enough.

Personally, I encourage our entrepreneurial clients to dedicate time every morning to tackle their largest sales tasks – business is about moving forward and sales is an ideal vehicle to do just that. I think there’s a peace of mind and a sense of calm throughout the rest of the day when you know you have kept a commitment to yourself to advance your company and uphold your vision. But maybe for you, it’s Tuesday and Thursday afternoons or all-day Monday.

It’s whatever works for you. But lump, chunk or block out that time, as you would time for a dentist appointment, lunch with a friend or meeting with a customer. And keep it.  Scheduling and setting aside this time for sales is an important appointment you set with yourself, and your business benefits.

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