Are you an ‘all work no pay’ entrepreneur?

By February 23, 2017Sales
all work no pay

On Friday we held a “How to Increase Sales (Fast) as a Startup” workshop in Austin, Texas.  We’ve written before about how we love Austin — it’s a fun, vibrant community awash with ideas, innovation and an inherently collaborative vibe.

Attendees at the workshop included technology entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals from software companies, solopreneurs running service-based businesses, and marketing consultants. We covered ideas to drive sales, structure time and decide on activities to sell. We also discussed ways to focus on prospects and to use events, speaking engagements, email and the phone to have sales conversations — and we talked about the perception of sales.

I frequently ask workshop attendees questions about their perception of sales. Typically, nine of 10 responses come back with negative comments and views that sales isn’t something individual entrepreneurs want to spend time on or focus on, or the view that sales is “slimy,” or about “pestering people.” There’s a view of used car salesmen, of coercing people into buying something that they don’t want, or being forceful or pushy. To me, these views are wrong and damaging.

I make no secret that I love sales. First, sales — good sales — come from a place of service, of helping people. I love the clients we work with — we help them transform and to shift their results. Also, sales makes my life possible, providing income for my team, my business, my family and my life.

If your perception of sales is negative, one core problem is that you won’t be bringing money into your life or your business. The result is what I call an “all work no pay” life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, founding member or working for a startup that is strapped for cash, you know that the all-work-no-pay life is miserable.

If you check ANY of these boxes then I’d recommend that you think about how you can make decisions, take action and shift your all work no pay mode into a “work-andplay” business and lifestyle:

  •       You don’t pay yourself or have a good salary
  •       You worry about how much cash you have now
  •       You don’t know if you’ll have enough money coming into your business at the end of the month
  •       You scramble to find funds
  •       You don’t know how to repeatedly sell and create income for your business
  •       You worry that people won’t pay what you want to charge for your product or service
  •       You somewhat resent people you pay to help you
  •       You feel a sense of overwhelm or panic about your business, its cash flow and its future
  •       You wish you could sell more

If this sounds like you, then changing your mindset and attitude to sales is the quickest and most transformative thing you can do — for yourself and your business. Not sure where to start to move away from all work no pay? Let me offer some ideas with a  free 30-minute Sales Opportunity Call on potential openings and actions you can take.

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